Japanese pornstars are hell of famous for unmatched beauty & Japanese Pornstars are really fucking gorgeous and if you don’t agree with me then you definitely need to watch more Japanese porn.

The JAV industry is filled with pornstars of all age, meaning that there are teen girls, mature babes as well as sexy MILFs, and all of them are always eager to fulfill all your sexual fantasies. However, most of the porn produced there is censored, so you’ll see pixelated pussies most of the time; but you can find uncensored porn very easily if you look for it.

I’ve watched ton of Japanese Porn and believe me When I say “If you do not like Japanese Pornstars or porn, you need to watch it more” – Japanese Pornstars – Pervblog.com

Things I like about Japanese Pornstars

From what I have seen so far, and trust I when I say I’ve seen a lot of porn videos, I can say that the Japanese Pornstars (Porn actress) in the east

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  • Japanese Pornstars have a really cute face
  • Japanese Pornstars have a perfect body and the most gorgeous pair of breasts in the world.
  • Almost all the girl has amazingly soft boobs, mostly natural which is something that you don’t really see when watching western porn.
  • Japanese Pornstars or Japanese Porn is loved because of its interesting plot

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If you haven’t watched Japanese porn yet, then we are going to list down some of the sexiest Japanese pornstars right now to help you get started. These JAV idols are some of the hottest and most popular, not just in Japan, but in the western part of the world as well and people love seeing them suck and fuck. After watching the porn featuring these Japanese babes, your opinion about the sexiest girls is definitely going to change.

Prepare yourself for some of the worst Japanese puns you have ever heard, be it about eating pussy like rice, raw fish smell, and Hentai. However, inside all this nonsense is still a decent list of some of the hottest and all in all, best Japanese pornstars as of 2018 and 2019. As you might know, Japan loves to censor the shit out of porn. Tentacle porn with eel inside asshole? That is fine, of course. Massive bukkake? Yes. A clitoris? What?

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Top 20 Hottest Japanese Pornstars

20. Akira Lane

The toughest chick from Japan that could make you her bitch or a sex slave. Before you join the virgin’s waiting list, toughen up as she requires manhandling. I would prefer the latter option but Akira Lane has no competition in the female world.

What is even happening in the scene? Well, t’s hard to imagine cliché East Asian porn without wrestling or ninjas. There are far too many stereotypes and they still seem funny to us. Italian guys bring pizzas while Europeans fix cars.

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19. Fuko

An interesting Japanese pornstar with one of the most generic names ever. It’s hard to top Fuko, which is like the Kawaii version of John (except a female). Cute inside in and out. The breasts are truly ridiculous and from what we have seen, everything looks better and healthier in Japan. From fake tits to that white cum, it’s whiter than the brightest LED lights,

These Sushi rolls, extra soy sauce, and seaweed do wonder to the human body. Much better than all burgers and fat only American diet. Fuko goes well with any dish but some countries love to eat cooked dick or balls and for us… Yeah, that’s the best thing that mixes well with this beauty.

This is what happens when you try to jizz without seeing a non-pixelated cunt. We did Asian pornstars list already, if you are into other types of Asians too. Rumor has it that Japanese pornstars are already born with the pixels inside their pussies.

18. Yuu Shinoda

Yuu Shinoda
Yuu Shinoda – Pictures

At 5’1″, Yuu Shinoda is as petite as they come. She’s a proper slut and has been in the business long enough to know what makes you cum like a rocket! She has all the usual attributes of Japanese pornstars, but her booty is better than most.

It is soft and curvy enough to distract a cardinal and hosts a tight asshole most would give an arm to finger, plus a hairy pussy that looks soft enough to be eaten like pudding! Make her acquaintance and soothe your cumming fever!

17. Asahi Mizuno

Asahi Mizuno is built for sex and we are talking very hardcore stuff here! She’s leggy for being one of the Japanese pornstars, with a full and rounded booty, combined with a beautiful face and medium-sized boobies that are always standing at attention!

She knows her job, loves to take it from behind, and performs onscreen like she knows an Oscar is waiting for her at the end of it all!

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16. Hitomi Tanaka

Holy Melons! Hitomi Tanaka has a pair of the biggest tits we have seen swinging from the chest of a JAV slut! These are very big and juicy and deserve to be milked for all she’s worth.

Hitomi also has the typical cute and pretty Jap face, a dazzling smile, and a perky rear end. She’s barely 5-foot tall and her pussy is the usual hairy and slick affair most folks feel like burying their face into for all of eternity! Cum worship her and better keep your cock handy in case she wants to mount up and take you for a ride!

15. Anri Okita

There are only a few Japanese pornstars that are as famous as Anri Okita. This babe rocks a face so sweet it could make seawater potable and is so doll-like you start looking for a price tag and product review whenever you see her in action!

She was born in merry old England, is bilingual and bisexual. Anri boasts the kind of breasts wars has been fought over! These melons are fuller than anything else on the market. They are all-natural 32F that look like they are stuffed with chocolate milk or something! Anri has no qualms with submitting her humongous titties for a titty-fuck or suck and her small pussy is still deep enough to accommodate dicks of a size that could choke an adult whale!

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14 Reiko Kobayakawa

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It’s usually pretty hard to determine the age of Japanese women. And when you look at Reiko Kobayakawa, you would hardly say she is forty! But that doesn’t stop her passionately fucking every dick she meets. She started her career in 2012, and after ten years, she stars as a busty teacher who is ready to satisfy her horny students.

You can also find this Japanese MILF pornstar under the aliases Reiko Ohno or Kyoka. She has big fake tits and a nice wet pussy you can clearly see in uncensored porn movies and also in her mesmerizing JOI video, where she ends up shaking on a bed with two fingers deep inside her juicy cunt! How long would you last with Reiko Kobayakawa?

13 Aimi Yoshikawa

From a gravure model to a JAV idol! It was pretty obvious Aimi Yoshikawa had a bright future ahead of her in the adult industry. Not only because she is really beautiful. But mostly because of her big natural tits that are simply irresistible! You can admire her perfect big boobs from every angle in several solo videos. But there is also bad news. She already retired in 2018. But still, she had been active for 6 years, and there are tens of porn movies with the busty Aimi in the leading role. And she will take care of your cock even in Virtual Reality. She is now a sexy hostess, but we will always remember Aimi Yoshikawa as one of the hottest Japanese pornstars!

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12. Miho Ichiki

Three names, but only one naughty Asian girl. We will call her Miho Ichiki, you can call her a busty Japanese pornstar who has never enough! When she was 19, she first tried a softcore scene. Not long after that, she started jumping on big cocks in hardcore actions and hasn’t stopped since then. She definitely belongs among the most popular Asian pornstars and has a huge fanbase in Japan, mostly thanks to her big fake tits. Japanese girls are known for their hairy pussies, but Miho keeps just a gently bush above her clit, which makes her even more irresistible. And when Miho Ichiki starts squirting, you know she deserves more attention!

11 Eimi Fukada

Eimi Fukada and her signature look makes her one of the most popular JAV idols! She wore glasses in 2017 when she debuted in the adult industry under the name Amami Kokoro. And since then, no one can imagine her without the nerdy look. She has already more than 200 porn movies in her portfolio, and according to her loud and passionate orgasms, she has no plans to stop. You can admire her fake tits and hairy pussy that she loves to finger before taking a big cock deep inside. Cute Japanese teen Eimi Fukada has millions of fans all around the world. Will you join them?

10. Rara Anzai

Goddess of Milk! That’s the nickname of a busty Japanese pornstar, Rara Anzai. If you watch the JAV industry closely, you could know her by the name Shion Utsunomiya. This was her name for the first six years in the business. But then came the change. However, there is one pair of big natural tits that hasn’t changed! Yep, we are talking about the K-cup breasts that got her the nickname we mentioned earlier. 

She took a one-year break from shooting porn but now, she is in her prime and ready to fill your screen with those massive boobs. And just when you thought she couldn’t get any hotter, her beautiful face gets covered in multiple cumshots in a wild bukkake session! That’s how Rara Anzai likes it!

9. Yua Mikami

This girl jumped into the JAV industry like a flash! Her debut in 2015 is one of the best-selling Japanese porn movies of all time! Her name is Yua Mikami, formerly known as Momona Kito.

She doesn’t have the biggest tits, and she is not the loudest, but when you see her in action, you find out why she is so popular. Her sucking skills, perfect body, and cute face make her simply irresistible. And those eyes? They beg you to fuck her every day for the rest of her life! She has more than 3 million followers on her Instagram account who want to be pleased every day by her new sexy posts and exciting stories. And from now on, you can find us among those followers!

Why does Japan famous for its adult movies?

Japan produces at least twice as many films and spends more per person on pornography than the US. Why? Here’s one idea:

Japanese AV filmmakers put more emphasis on the amateur subgenre, as opposed to the slick production value associated with American adult films.

“We tend to go with more day-to-day storylines featuring regular guys, unlike on American-made DVDs,” says Mumin … “There are few, if any, steroid-fueled actors in Japan’s AV industry. Our dramas are far more realistic.” 

Perhaps you should consider the relationship in America (and to a lesser extent in Europe) between sex and religion? The more religion attempts to exert censorship over sexual matters, the more underground the discussion becomes, and the less producers are able to accurately judge what consumers actually want.

Just a thought.

In Japan, things like the JAV industry and notably, the voice acting industry, are significantly more professional and prestigious than the counter-parts that exist in western nations.

As a result, the performances of seiyuus (voice actors) and the JAV that they produce are often far superior to the western equivalent. The talent and creativity is just on another level entirely…. unfortunately, censorship utterly marrs the quality that they otherwise display.


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