Top 10 Best Adult Ad Networks which support Adult Content

Adult sites tend to have high traffic because many people around the world watch porn. Mobile campaigns like CPI tend to perform very well and have very high conversion rates. An excellent way of getting more out of your traffic is to advertise via adults ads.

Your ads should be creative and include lots of pictures; porn industry depends on visuals to attract consumers. Getting the best adult advertising network can be a challenge; you will have to check minimum balances and payment options.

Choose sites that have a global reach and that have the highest CPM rates in the market. We have taken the liberty to give you a list of some top rated traffic sources.

In this guide to the 10 best networks for adult advertising online we will go through 10 of the biggest and most popular networks that publishers use when it comes to monetizing their adult traffic! Adult traffic sources generally have very high traffic with them due to the reason inherent as many people around the world watch porn websites. These adult ad networks have Pop as well as banner traffic available. Mobile campaigns (CPI as well as CPA) do generally perform well on such sort of traffic sources. Dating campaigns also work well with adult traffic. These adult traffic sources provide various targeting options such as Mobile, Web, OS, device etc.

  • List of Top 10 Best Adult Ad Networks to monetise your website/blog and earn money from it
  • 1. PopAds
  • 2. Exoclick
  • 3. TrafficJunky
  • 4. Exoclick
  • 5. JuicyAds
  • 6. Traffic Force
  • 7. Traffic Factory
  • 8. Zeropark
  • 9. Traffic Holder
  • 10. RePro
  • 11. Ero – Advertising
  • 12. Popcash
  • 13. Tube Corporate


There are a few things that you as a publisher needs to be aware of when it comes to choosing the best network for your traffic.

With our experience in the field, we have compiled the following list on what to look for:

  • What types of ads do the network run?
  • How frequent is their payment?
  • What is their support like, 24/7, personal, email only etc.
  • What do other publisher and webmasters say about the network?

1. PopAds (My First Recommendation)

This is one of the oldest adult and mainstream traffic network. They have powerful targeting options that target OS, Browser, Mobile/web and Language.

Popads is popular with pop under which are considered by many customers as less intrusive. They have a minimum deposit of $100 which can be paid through Paypal or Payoneer.

I’d highly recommend PopAds to you because it’s the easiest of above to get approval and gives a decent CPA rates if you’ve traffic coming in.

Sign up to PopAds from here and get 10$ free in you wallet

“I’ve personally used PopAds here on and telling you if you’ve traffic coming into your blog, you can earn quite well” Thanks me later

2. Exoclick

ExoClick, the innovative ad network, is ranked the largest ad network in the world by W3Techs, serving 155+ billion geo-targeted ads a month, to a global network of 65,000 web/mobile publisher platforms.

ExoClick’s proprietary software offers 20+ different ad formats, optimized targeting and behavioural retargeting, access to big data statistics and strategic analysis tools to further improve ROI, data refresh every 60 seconds, day parting and 24/7 customer service. Our platform API allows developers to create their own bespoke software add-ons for programmatic processes on our platform

Whats good about ExoClick that it’s ranked #1 by PervBlog???


  1. Exoclick is an old player in the adult ads now and they’re there to listen. There products works fine with 100% uptime.
  2. There support system is good who’ll listen to your queries and problems.
  3. The company offers several different ad formats such as pop unders, native ads, display banners etc. This means more flexibility and more earnings.
  4. Due to good reach and good userbase, this ensures that your ad will get seen by most people and leads to higher conversion rates. The network uses very advanced analysis tools to ensure that you get the most from your ad.
  5. The company offers several different ad formats such as pop unders, native ads, display banners etc.

So Perv’s take on Best Adult Ad Networks goes to Exoclick.

Signup now from below and get 5$ bonus after you first payout. Cheers

3. PushyAds

Pushy-Ads is the new and rapidly growing Adult ad network specialized in Push Notification ads! There focus and aim are to bring mainstream advertisers to adult traffic.

To become a publisher with Pushy-Ads you need to request an invite. If you are a website owner with adult traffic – we suggest you give this adult network a try!

According to the website, Pushy-ads stands for personal support and great rates for publishers

4. Ero-Advertising

For a minimum deposit of $200 you can get pop-unders, banners and pops ads. The site has an audience across the globe which is good for traffic and conversion.

The site accepts payments through Paypal and they have created a strong brand name as one of the best adult ad network.

5. TrafficJuncky

They offer a CPM bidding model which ensures that publishers and advertisers get rates that are very close to the adult advertising market rate.

The site offers a self-service platform that is largely dictated by rules of demand and supply. The site targets both online and mobile users and helps marketers make the best of their campaigns.

Through an algorithm system each advertisers bid is taken into account and traffic is allocated accordingly.

6. Juicy Ads

With over 15 industry awards you have access to one of the best adult ad network.

The best thing about this platform is that they are always innovating and looking for new ways to make conversions.

You have access to an excellent team who will help your brand reach the widest adult advertising network. You do not have to be worried about spams as they have great anti-fraud tools.

Juicyads was, during 2018 ranked amongst the 10 000 biggest websites in the world. This is considered to be one of the big adult advertising companies in the world. By branding themselves as the sexy ad network, they have gained a lot of attention from worldwide publishers and advertisers.

Through over a decade of experience and relationships, we have become the #1 Rated Adult Advertising Network because we are dedicated to the profits of our clients rather than our own. We handle all client needs with as much integrity as possible and always striving to make things right.


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