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There are way too many kinds of feminists to generalize that feminists dislike porn. Agreed that some extreme feminists seem to be all out against heterosexuality and seem to want to control the lives of heterosexual happy women, however, there is no shortage of sex-positive feminists too who think that being sexually promiscuous is an expression of independence of a woman.

Case in point is legendary pornstar from 1970s and 1980s Annette Haven. She is a vocal feminist who gained fame for being exceptionally beautiful with a regal air and doing things on screen that you’d not expect from an intimidating heart-breaker like her.

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Annette Haven is also famous for never letting a man ejaculate on her face because of her feminist views, presumably she found it degrading. A man ejaculating on a woman’s face has always been a popular indicator of end of a sex scene in porn for heterosexual men.

Hello.. I was just wondering if anyone knows if Annette Haven ever took a cumshot on her face or in her mouth.. If she did, in what movie?

She never did, she refused them.

I do have a movie with her where Annette Haven mouth goes back and forth between two cocks, though no facial resulted.

She did plenty of blowjobs, just never took a facial.

I have seen Annetta blowing somewhere!

Always loved Annette , she never took a facial or swallowed of course , but check out The Grafenberg Spot . She teaches Ginger Lynn how to Squirt(piss , of course )and in slow mo Ginger lets loose alot more than Annette was expecting , and gets hit in the face . a classic .

Why Annette Haven never did Facial or Anal?

Annette Haven was quite vocal about that, and gave a number of interviews during her career explaining she did no believe facials or anals were very “natural” sex acts, and categorically refused to do them.

Can you provide the nearest possible video of Annette Haven Facial or blowing

– Yes sure, for you pervs.

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