Take music language: every note can be played at higher or lower octaves. Same note, different effects. We could say the same things for words. Every word can be used at different octaves, higher or lower. Take the word ‘love‘: it can be used for physical love, connecting it with concept like sex and possession. But at his higher octave, we can hear it like something spiritual, the one love that connect every life being on hearth, or that keep the matter unite. In neo-latin languages, the word come from latin amor, and refer to the physical side of the concept. This would explain why latin love is often described as passionate, bet even jealous and possessive.

We can say the same for the concept of job. Latin had two words for it: Opus and Labor. At its lower octave, labor, it refers to servile jobs, or slavery. Opus represents the higher octave, and it’s the work of the free men, who do what they love to do, and share it with their community.

What’s porn then?

What we want to affirm here is that in a mature society every job should be intended at the highest octave, where man and women do what they love to do and share it with their community.

Porn is important more than ever in our society, numbers shows that. Everybody uses it. We need performers to do it with all their love and we need a mature audience as well. Like Valentina Nappi says, do something badly, with no care, is always wrong, and that’s true also while masturbating. We need porn stars like her that tell us ‘long live premature ejaculation, long live short penises, stop with performance anxiety, coming in five minutes it’s not pathologic and can be fun’. Or when she said ‘I will masturbate whoever will ask. Not for pity, but for justice’. She is a free woman sharing her qualities with the community, proudly. This is playing porn at the higher octave.

What’s the role of porn stars then? Please be our sacred sex priestess. It’s a responsibility, not for everyone. From this point of view Valentina is a model to follow, in the way she became a public figure, proud of her job and aware of the message she can bring to the society.

Bella French is doing something very important as well at entrepreneurial level with ManyVids, telling the performers in every possible circumstance that they have value, and putting them and their interests at the center of the project, always.

History is full of holy priestess doing sex for the gods. And obviously full of sex slaves. But when free men and free women chose to do porn, that has to be intended like art, always. And masturbators will follow their priestess, and it will be good for their soul and for their sexuality.


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