Rocco Siffredi Couldn’t Be a Priest, So He Became a Porn Star and that made him GOAT in porn Industry. Every female pornstar wants him in her which is why Rocco Siffredi’s dick is the most Famous. Let’s dig in

Do you recognize this male porn star, a literal human fuck-machine? It’s Rocco Siffredi, one of the most talented porn stars to ever pound his way to riches.  He has performed in both straight and gay scenes – this dude just can’t get enough!

You might not know his name, but if you’ve watched porn at some point in the last 30 years, you’re probably familiar with Rocco Siffredi’s dick – ten-inch-plus schlong. Nicknamed “the Italian Stallion,” the 52-year-old has appeared in over 1,500 adult movies and slept with nearly four times as many women, making him a porn icon on par with Ron Jeremy or John Holmes.

  • Rocco Siffredi is a famous male porn star, producer and director that has been around for many years.  He is known for his intense and hardcore sex scenes, and tenacious performances.
  • He posted for Playgirl in the December 1990 issue, as the centerfold.
  • His wife, Rosa Caracciolo, supported his porn career, and even appeared in one film alongside him.
  • He has appeared in over 400 porn films, and after a short retirement, decided to get his fuck on again in 2009.
  • Rocco’s signature enthusiastic and rough fucking style gained him a reputation for banging like a raging testosterone-filled stallion.  Not to mention he’s packing a seriously big cock.

How big is Rocco siffredi’s dick?

8.66 inches.  He is known as the “Italian Stallion” for a reason. Netflix put out a documentary in 2016 that followed Rocco’s final year in front of the camera, titled Rocco. Siffredi has won almost 40 AVN awards for his prowess (and prodigious dick).

So why Rocco Siffredi choosed porn?

Here’s a excerpt of the Interview Rocco did with Vice Inc. Read Full story here

I was already very sexually active at age 11, and I remember that all the other guys around me had zero sexual experience, so I knew that I was something special. But that was not the main thing. The main thing was always to try to give something back to my mother to help with the pain she suffered at my brother’s death.

Also, I remember finding this magazine when I was 13, and in it were photos of this guy named Supersex who used to be a famous porn star in the 70s. There were photos of him fucking a brunette, then you’d turn the page and he’d be fucking a blonde, then you’d turn the page and he’d be fucking a redhead, then you’d turn the page and he’d be fucking all three of them. I saw that and said I want to do this business. I called my older brother who lived in Paris and told him this, and he said, “You are crazy.” At 16, I called him again and he said, “You didn’t give up? You are completely crazy!” I called again when I was 20, and he told me if you go to a swinger’s club, you are going to find some porn people who can help you. I did that, and it worked. People saw me having sex in front of everybody, and from that day on ,my life changed. I was in paradise.

Was it unusual for you to pay to have sex, rather than being the one getting paid?
Yes, and there was a thing that sometimes happened which was kind of funny. The [sex workers] would see my dick, say, WOW, this is big, why don’t you do porn? Fuck, this happened to me several times when I went to hookers. I’d reply, “Yeah, I’ll think about it.”


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